Succulent Propagation Attempt #1

My little succulent was looking pretty sad and kept falling over, so this morning I researched how to take off the leaves and top to grow new shoots. I got a bigger pot ready and am now just going to wait a few days for the leaves and top to dry out before I plant/lay them in the dirt. Here's some pictures!

-Katelyn :)

Independence Day Celebration

I know this post is kind of late, but now it's here! This year we went down to our second cousin's place for the day. A few brothers and another family of second cousins camped out there for a couple of days in addition (they have a house in the country). We started it out with a little neighborhood parade. It was actually kind of funny because we were a group of like 25, so people were throwing a bunch of candy at us, but my cousins aren't allowed to have candy, so it was all just laying there in the road in front of us. Then we walked back up to the house and ate lunch. For my family, this consisted of deli sandwiches and juice boxes from Winco. We then talked for a while, and the highlight of the conversation was when (we were talking about wills) DesireĆ© asked Uncle Dean if they had a will, and he said yes, but he would need to update because it said that all their kids would go to our family... That might of made sense 5 or 6 years ago, but now that'd be like 13 k…

June Happenings

July's right around the corner, people! This summer is flying by fast. I have some pictures and a list of stuff that happened, so enjoy!

First, the pictures:

Then, the stuff:
*One of my best friends had moved to Wisconsin a few years ago, and they came and visited! We got to catch up for a few hours.
*Three of my siblings celebrated birthdays
*Got to finish all the Marvel movies (well, ok, not Iron Man 2 and 3 or any of the Antman ones or Homecoming or the Hulk... but most of them)! 
*We had our first church softball game yesterday and beat the opposing church by one point; 8 to 7. I got onto a base, so I'm calling that a win. :) Also, a small plane flew by and drew a smiley face in the sky above our field, so that was cool.
*Read The Book of Hours, by T. Davis Bunn, and really enjoyed it.
*I read the second half (I think Isaiah onwards) of the old testament this month and learned that most of those prophet books are seriously depressing.
*Started learning our first choir song for next…

Day 7: Top Ten Favorite Ice Cream Flavors

1. French Vanilla (sometimes the plain stuff is just better!)

2. Mint Chocolate Moose Tracks

3. Tin Roof Sundae

4. Rainbow Sherbet

5. Mint

6. Chocolate Fudge Brownies

7. Birthday Cake

8. Death by Chocolate

9. Strawberry

10. Rocky Road

We get all of our ice cream from Winco, so if you want to see what some of these even are, you now know where to look. Anyways, hope you all enjoyed this week!

-Katelyn :)

Day 6: Top Ten Favorite Worship Songs

1. I Exalt Thee (Public Domain)

2. All of Creation, by MercyMe

3. Angus Dei by Michael W. Smith

4. Beautiful, by MercyMe

5. Take Me into the Beautiful, by Cloverton

6. Live on Forever, by the Afters

7. TOGETHER, by For King and Country

8. Amen, by I AM THEY

9. Holy Water, by We the Kingdom

10. The Blessing, by Kari Jobe

These are my favorite worships songs as of this moment. It keeps changing as I hear songs I forgot about at church or on the radio.

-Katelyn :)

Day 5: Top Ten Favorite Animated Movies

I'm not going to do summaries for these ones because I got burnt out after doing the ones for the last post. I'm sure most of these will be familiar anyway. ;)

1. Rise of the Guardians