A Little Life Update

Man, it's been a while since I've posted anything beside tags or month recaps. So, you all are probably wondering what I've been up to. (I'm now wondering what I have been up to...) Nothing much has been going on over here. Lots and lots of cross stitching, I guess. I finished the main body of the project (there are like three parts) and am now outlining everything. I've also been reading a bit. I got a lot of books for my birthday, and of course I have to read all of them. :)There have been quite a few church events these past few weeks. First of all, church on Sundays, obviously. Our church has started an evening service for now and we've been going to that one because usually one parent or the other works Sunday mornings. Then on Mondays we have softball, which is going pretty well. We're all hitting and having fun doing it. Recently some of the families from church have been having glorified play dates at a park nearby on Tuesdays. A few of the families…

Behind the Blogger Tag


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Well, here we go!

1. Why did you start blogging, and why have you kept blogging?
I started blogging because I had a lot of free time and I wanted to start recording events in my life, with photos! I've kept blogging because I enjoy it and I want to look back someday to see all the fun times I've had.

2. What is your type of blog post to write?
Mostly stuff that I've or my family has been up to. Or crafts that I've done.

3. What are your top three favorite blog posts?
Hmm... A Few Random Facts About My Home State and Its PeopleTop Ten Favorite Live Action Movies (because I had fun making those summaries), and Oceanside Trip.

4. What are some of your favorite things to do to relax?
Reading with something to munch on, doing a puzzle or cross stitching, listening to Adventures in Odyssey (or music in general), watching a movie or episode…

Going Back Through July

Man, another month has just flown by! My family didn't really have many plans for this month, so it was nice to relax and work on projects around the house. I got quite a bit of cross stitching done, as well as some reading and designing a project I will share about in the future. I'm going to do a list of stuff I did with pictures intermingled; I think that's an easy format.

This Month...
I read through Psalms! I found a few new favorite psalms, notably Psalms 15, 23, 98, and 100.
I celebrated my 16th birthday!
I got my AP score (finally!). I got a 3, which means I got college credit for that class.
We went on a trip to the coast with a bunch of family. You can read about that here.
My family picked a bunch of our blueberries, zucchini, and cucumbers. The tomatoes are just getting going.

We played some softball! My church has a game against another church every Monday, and this most recent one was actually a double header (in 90 degree weather, I might add). I got to play catche…

Oceanside Trip

This is going to be a pretty long post because I have a bunch to tell, but there will be photos at the end, so hang in there! 

My family got to stay in a beach house at Oceanside for a few days with some cousins and Mimi and Baba. Uncle Andy's family didn't come because we're only supposed to have groups of 10 and they wanted to follow that law. So that was a bit of a bummer, but I honestly don't know how we could of fit 4 or 5 more people in that house. Thankfully, Isaac and Maisie were being babysat during this trip or many things would have broken and someone would of definitely fallen down the stairs.

We left our house about 10 and took some very curvy back roads to escape Salem and Portland traffic. Dada was driving, and one of the boys almost threw up (Mama is a much more careful driver...) We got there around lunchtime. Mimi and Baba were already there, so I helped make lunch while the boys unpacked the car. I was buttering bread for grilled cheese sandwiches and …